April 2023

The mood

With the team's astrological make-up pivoting from Gemini to Aries dominant we celebrated a lot of birthdays this month - and also gave thought to our team's overall sensibility and individual personality traits. We spend a lot of our time understanding people and this month we looked inward to understood ourselves. We ran a workshop to understand our natural / performative working styles and energies. I feel it's important to maintain a healthy scepticism towards horoscopes, personality tests, Jungian archetypes for brands - and the like. However, the quest for motifs of the mind appeals and certainly holds some truths - and we now have a clearer shared understanding of how everyone likes to work, which also helps us better design teams for project types and to match our clients.

The work

We explored the role of Hainan and shopping for a luxury client asking how the role of the pandemic era economy winner will change as travel opens up, positioned a new to world Chinese wine brand from Ningxia, and went deep into grass roots level youth culture in China.

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