October 2022

The mood

We celebrated our 5th anniversary this month. With Covid lockdowns and typhoons conspiring to make planning the now 3-year delayed trip to Okinawa impossible; we decided to take the money we could have spent on ‘agency of the year’ award entries and spend it on the team’s wellbeing instead. We went full luxury in our hometown at The Amanyangyun; a hotel brand who beyond offering sheer luxury do maintain a genuine cultural connection with their resorts. In Shanghai, that means relocating a village temple and ancient camphor forest from a town in Jiangxi province that was to become inundated through the construction of a reservoir. The ethereal and peaceful retreat was a welcome moment of introspection and relaxation before heading into Golden Week holiday.

The work

A busy period for technology with projects understanding gaming, virtual idols and lower-tier retail.In keeping with Autumn themes of hibernation and health, we started health snack innovation and vitamins portfolio strategy projects.

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