November 2022

The mood

A hugely productive and fulfilling month. Despite intermittent quarantines that have been commonplace, we are by now flexible with running parallel remote and in-studio teams. I avoid the word 'hybrid' because we shouldn't think of this situation as a compromised result of two different situations. We recently expanded the studio space and strongly believe in the role for in-situ thinking with teams and clients. For us, remote work has been a twofold experience. Practically, to deal with Covid policy we've become adaptive to working from home (or anywhere), and the upside has been to enjoy the silence. But the more interesting motivator has always been to create space for thinking, for life, and for engagement with the world. Aside from 'work from home', the idea of 'work from culture' appeals to us because it speaks to how we usually work. The team is encouraged to work from a cafe, a gallery, a park, or a shopping mall, to observe what Michael De Certeau would call the practice of everyday life. As we hope the the mandated work from home comes to and end, we will continue to enjoy working from culture.

The work

We developed narrative frameworks for culture and beauty, went deep into gifting and chocolate, and worked it off with some sports films.

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