June 2023

The mood

Half way through the year and a chance to look back and look forward. As we review our year to date, the most enjoyable partnerships reaffirm the type of projects and clients we want more of. We excel in strategically complex, culturally informed, and commercially critical briefs. We have three factors for judging our client projects: do they provide an opportunity to learn and grow? Do they raise our reputation and credentials? Are they profitable enough for us to run a healthy business? Occasionally, we realise we are pitching for or working with clients don't meet those criteria and we let them go. We pursue engagements that energise our team to deliver inspirational work, and fortunately most of our clients want the same. Why are we writing this? First and foremost, because our team reads these notes and we want them to know they are our priority. Second, as we move into the second half of the year a reminder to ourselves to work with good people - and a thanks to all our clients who get the best out of us.

The work

We worked with great client partners on fashion, sports, tech, health, and spirits projects this month. It was a fulfilling month defining names, strategies, look books, and trends.

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