January 2023

The mood

A short month bookended by Gregorian and the Lunar New Year milestones. A time to revisit our own rhythms, make plans for 2023, and through both activities consider the value of our time. For most of the team, this CNY marked the first reunion with family and hometowns in 3 years, bringing a strong feeling of nostalgia. During the Lantern Festival people eat yuanxiao, small glutinous rice balls - their roundness symbolising the unity of the family. New Year is a period of renewal for all - and we spent time discussing rituals that were lost to childhood and ones we want to preserve and create for new generations. For one of us, that meant eating Haggis dumplings for Burn's Night that corresponded with the end of Chinese New Year. Another new ritual for us at Inner Chapter was to produce a Lunar Calendar. If you'd like a print size version, you can let us know.

The work

We're starting the year exploring shifts in nightlife across Chinese cities, understanding hip-hop culture, and immersing ourselves in sneakers + apparel culture in China, South Korea and Japan.

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