November 2023

The mood

As Winter started this month, the company chat and the studio mood was full of warmth; screen-printing workshops, Halloween pumpkin carving, and delicious baked goods made with the leftover pumpkins. A lot of this warm feeling was created by our new Culture and Community lead Ying, who's helped bring so many ideas to fruition and made sure when the work takes over we don't forget 'the other things'. The largest part of a culture is no doubt created by the work itself: meaning the type of projects you're asked to work on by clients, the way you approach those projects, and how the team works with each other. A strong culture can complement and reinforce getting the right type of work. How you approach the work is important: we want to encourage intellectual curiosity, a spirit of generosity, and a sense of continuous learning. A strong culture makes every project the best it can be. Finally, how the team works is a test of cultural strength. After all, many projects are difficult - especially in the middle - and it takes a degree of trust to get through it and make it a success together. Yet, we know well that beyond the work it's these weekly rituals and monthly patterns that are valuable parts of growing the relationships for the team's curiosity, generosity, and trust.

The work

Our work led us to explore education and philanthropy, decode the semiotics of male beauty, and we developed 2024 trend forecasts for luxury clients to activate on.

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