March 2023

The mood

With March comes Spring and the themes of growth and renewal. First off, we celebrated Women's Day not only with guest speakers, massages, yoga, and time off...but with the transparent salary bands, team profit sharing, flexible and remote work options, a wellness and mental health program, paid annual sabbaticals, and equal holidays...for everyone...that we have every day. We are fortunate to spend time thinking about the future of work, organizational, and workplace design for our clients - and also to act upon it. Let's strive for equality and equity across all industries. We also formalized our internal Wellness program - bringing extended external support and mental health services to the activities like yoga and breathwork we already run weekly. And with that theme of renewal, we held a clothes swap. Finally, our co-founder's side-hustle bar project won "Best Casual Cocktail Bar" in Shanghai so there's another reason to come and work with us.

The work

We took part in a fireside chat at the launch of a client's new Innovation Center, partnered with an alcohol client to position a Chinese wine brand, and kicked-off work exploring luxury travel retail.

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